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          Our Warranty…

          Metro offers two levels of warranty:

          SUPERsoft?-brand Gold Series Weatherstrip and seals are fully warranted for 15 years from the date of purchase. We promise that if your Metro-made part fails at any time during that time we’ll replace it free of charge. All SUPERsoft?-brand sponge rubber parts include at minimum a Gold Series Warranty.

          SUPERsoft?-brand Platinum Series Weatherstrip and seals are fully warranted for 30 years from the date of purchase. We promise that if your Metro-made part fails at any time during that time we’ll replace it free of charge. Only some SUPERsoft?-brand sponge rubber parts have been selected to receive our Platinum Series Warranty.

          You know that your automobile restoration will not be complete without new weatherstrip and seals, but not all replacement rubber parts have the same quality, fit and durability. SUPERsoft?-brand EPDM sponge rubber delivers on its name! It’s up to 35% softer than other brands while performing far better than competitive products and lasting years longer. That’s why SUPERsoft?-brand EPDM sponge rubber is the brand chosen by professional automobile restorers for decades.

          Due to its unmatched softness and pliability, SUPERsoft?-brand sponge rubber weatherstrip and seals are easier to install and fit better than other products. You won’t have to slam your doors or trunk with SUPERsoft?-brand weatherstrip installed on your cherished car or truck! SUPERsoft?-brand sponge rubber is also the best looking weatherstrip available anywhere, with a high gloss, smooth black skin that shows a refined, Concours appearance. In addition, SUPERsoft?-brand sponge rubber includes proprietary additives that provide extraordinary resistance to hardening and decay caused by exposure to ozone, UV light and petroleum gases.

          Original weatherstrip and seals were created using a variety of different rubber compounds and formulations. That’s why we utilize more than 40 different rubber compounds to match the functions and features of the original part as closely as possible. All our rubber parts are fabricated from the highest grades of virgin rubber using state-of-the-art, computerized mold-making techniques. We use no accelerants in our molding processes, which can cause the part to prematurely age and fail, and we use no fillers of any kind, which can weaken the part and cause it to fail.

          These are just a few of the reasons why we can offer an exclusive, 15-year or 30-year full replacement warranty on every SUPERsoft?-brand sponge rubber part and stand behind it with complete confidence. SUPERsoft?-brand sponge rubber parts simply have no comparison in looks, fit, quality and durability. And we put it in writing ~ each part comes with our Certificate of Guarantee, which is our assurance that if you are dissatisfied with our product for any reason you can replace it free of charge. That’s our “no hassle” guarantee.

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