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          Model number: TK 46-C/18

          Price (US funds): $58.70

          Hatchback seal. Fits '71-'77 Chevy Vega, '75-'76 Chevy Cosworth Vega and '75-'77 Pontiac Astre. 18 ft. long. Each.

          This part also fits the following autos:
          1971 CHEVROLET VEGA
          1972 CHEVROLET VEGA
          1973 CHEVROLET VEGA
          1974 CHEVROLET VEGA
          1975 CHEVROLET VEGA
          1975 PONTIAC ASTRE
          1976 CHEVROLET VEGA
          1976 PONTIAC ASTRE
          1977 CHEVROLET VEGA
          1977 PONTIAC ASTRE

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