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          Model number: LM 110-VH

          Price (US funds): $56.95

          Door seal, ‘04-‘14 Ford E-Series full size van models, fits front left or right side, on body, each. Replaces OEM part #’s 4C2Z1520708AB / 4C2Z1520709AB.

          This part also fits the following autos:
          2004 FORD E-150 ECONOLINE
          2004 FORD E-250 ECONOLINE
          2004 FORD E-350 ECONOLINE
          2004 FORD E-450 ECONOLINE
          2005 FORD E-150 ECONOLINE
          2005 FORD E-250 ECONOLINE
          2005 FORD E-350 ECONOLINE
          2005 FORD E-450 ECONOLINE
          2006 FORD E-150
          2006 FORD E-250
          2006 FORD E-350 SUPER DUTY
          2006 FORD E-450 SUPER DUTY
          2007 FORD E-150
          2007 FORD E-250
          2007 FORD E-350 SUPER DUTY
          2007 FORD E-450 SUPER DUTY
          2008 FORD E-150
          2008 FORD E-250
          2008 FORD E-350 SUPER DUTY
          2008 FORD E-450 SUPER DUTY
          2009 FORD E-150
          2009 FORD E-250
          2009 FORD E-350 SUPER DUTY
          2009 FORD E-450 SUPER DUTY
          2010 FORD E-150
          2010 FORD E-250
          2010 FORD E-350 SUPER DUTY
          2010 FORD E-450 SUPER DUTY
          2011 FORD E-150
          2011 FORD E-250
          2011 FORD E-350 SUPER DUTY
          2011 FORD E-450 SUPER DUTY
          2012 FORD E-150
          2012 FORD E-250
          2012 FORD E-350 SUPER DUTY
          2012 FORD E-450 SUPER DUTY
          2013 FORD E-150
          2013 FORD E-250
          2013 FORD E-350 SUPER DUTY
          2013 FORD E-450 SUPER DUTY

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